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General Data Dissemination System (GDDS)

GDDS is a framework to develop national statistical systems in producing economic and socio-demographic data. It gives countries a management approach that fosters sound statistical methodology, professional data compilation, and data dissemination practices. By diagnosing data quality issues and cataloging technical assistance needs, the GDDS guides users, notably national policy makers and donors, on how to address these issues. The GDDS thus serves as a vehicle for countries to gradually progress and graduate to the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS).

The GDDS assists data-producing agencies to take control of statistical development programs in a structured manner. It recognizes that countries differ in their stages of statistical development and capacity to improve their statistical systems. Accordingly, it is based on national authorities’ own priorities and timing to achieve the objectives at their own pace. To participate, a country adopts the GDDS as a framework for statistical development, appoints a country coordinator, and provides to the public a description of statistical methodology and dissemination practices (metadata).

The GDDS is well-recognized around the world and has a large number of participant countries, with contact persons. It helps build an international community of officials in participating countries—within and across countries. The GDDS assists data-producing agencies to coordinate effectively among themselves, users, and the international community. The GDDS facilitates resource allocation and technical assistance collaboration optimally to complement national initiatives.

IMF Factsheet: IMF Standards for Data Dissemination

The General Data Dissemination System Document (Nov-2003).

List of countries participating in GDDS


Moldova's first posting at the GDDS website was on February 11, 2003.
On February 19, 2003 National Bank of Moldova (NBM) posted a Press Release on it's website (in Romanian), titled "Options for a Well Performing Statistics Framework", outlining the GDDS prospects for Moldova.

But the initial decision, preparing the grounds for GDDS implementation in Moldova was approved by the NBM on July 12, 2001 (No.183), titled "On the Approval of the Regulation for Setting Up and Implementation of GDDS in Moldova". This Regulation was subsequently approved by: NBM (July 16, 2001), Ministry of Finance (September 24, 2001), and Department of Statistics and Sociology (October 15, 2001).

Link to NBM's GDDS statistics: , then in the top menu click on "NBM activity" -- "GDDS Statistics"

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