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Press Service of the Government of the Republic of Moldova:
Press release - 22.04.2014

Moldovan premier meets IMF mission representatives

Prime Minister Iurie Leanca met members of an expertsí team of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), led by Max Alier. Attending the meeting also were Deputy Prime Minister, Economics Minister Valeriu Lazar, Finance Minister Anatol Arapu, Labour, Social Protection and Family Minister Valentina Buliga, Government Secretary General Victor Bodiu and the governor of the National Bank of Moldova, Dorin Dragutan.

The officials discussed the forecasts regarding the macroeconomic evolutions in 2014, the budgetary prospects, situation in the banking system and structural reforms promoted in various sectors. The sides also exchanged views on the latest developments in the region.

Leanca reviewed the actions undertaken by the Moldovan government, in order to ensure the stability and transparency in the financial area. Leanca said that the Moldovan authorities would continue to implement a prudent approach in terms of financial and economic policies, including in the context of the regional evolutions that might affect situation in Moldova.

Max Alier informed about the current IMF Missionís goals. Alier said that, on 22-30 April, the experts would examine the Moldovan macroeconomic policies and discuss with the authorities and representatives of the business environment, in the context of the periodic supervising consultations and post-programme monitoring. The post-programme monitoring is a process including all member states after the expiry of the IMF-supported programmes. The goal of the deep monitoring is to ensure the viability of the countryís economic framework and early warning about the stateís capacity to reimburse the debt to IMF.

The last IMF mission to Moldova was in late past January. The last IMF assistance programme for Moldova was completed in April 2013, through which Moldova benefited from about 566-million-dollar-worth assistance.