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Press Service of the Government of the Republic of Moldova:
Press release - 22.07.2014

Premier, IMF representatives address results of fact-collecting mission to Moldova

Prime Minister Iurie Leanca met experts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), led by Max Alier, today.

The IMF missionís goal, on a visit to Moldova on 16-22 July, was to examine the situation in the Moldovan financial and banking sector, discuss the development assistance provided to Moldova implementation of structural, policies after the programme backed by IMF ended.

The officials addressed issues referring to the evolution of the macroeconomic situation in 2014 and on medium term, monetary policies promoted by the National Bank of Moldova, situation in the Moldovan financial system (banking and non-banking), development of the national public budget, including the 2014 state social insurance budget and budgetary prospects for 2015, as well as the 2015-2017 budgetary framework on medium term. The sides also approached the current risks for the evolution of Moldovaís macroeconomic situation, especially in the context of export restrictions imposed by Russia, as well as the complicated regional situation.

Max Alier said that, along the mission, IMF experts held talks with representatives of the Finance and Economics Ministries, National Bank and National Financial Market Commission, and managers of more commercial banks. Alier said that the missionís conclusions would be presented to the Moldovan authorities in the near future.

Leanca referred to the measures to improve the legal framework in the financial and banking sector and stressed that the Moldovan government would continue to promote extremely prudently the budgetary and fiscal policies, for which it assumed responsibility. Leanca underscored that the approved decisions were directed towards improving life of people in Moldova and assured their sustainability, meaning that then planned salary and allowance increases would have financial covering.

Leanca also highlighted the importance to maintain a constructive dialogue with the international financial institutions, including IMF, in order to ensure financial stability and attract investments into the Moldovan economy.

Attending the meeting were representatives of the Finance Ministry, Economics Ministry, Labour, Social Protection and Family Ministry, as well as the National Bank of Moldova and State Chancellery. The next IMF mission might come by late September 2014.