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Press Service of the Government of the Republic of Moldova:
Press release - 29.09.2014

Prime Minister Iurie Leanca met with IMF mission representatives

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Chisinau, 29 September /MOLDPRES/- Prime Minister Iurie Leanca today met the head of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Mission, Max Alier. The officials addressed the goals of the IMF second mission. The Fundís experts pay a visit to Moldova, in order to make a post-programme monitoring analysis, in the context of periodical consultations, according to the IMF Statute, the governmentís communication and media relations department has reported. 

Max Alier specified that, in line with the missionís objective, the main issues tackled by the sides were focused concerning the forecasts and prospects on evolution of the macroeconomic situation in 2014 and on medium term, taking into account possible local and external vulnerabilities, budgetary prospects for 2014 and the medium-term budgetary framework, as well as the situation in the Moldovan financial and banking sectors. 

Iurie Leanca voiced the governmentís willingness to hold an open and constructive dialogue with the IMF experts, including during the present mission. Leanca highlighted the importance of recommendations and expertise provided by the Fund to Moldovan competent institutions, to ensure financial stability and economic development of Moldova. 

The sides exchanged opinions on the evolution of the economic situation in Moldova, including in the context of the latest provocations, as well as the measures that were to be taken to overcome them. 

The present IMF Mission will last till 9 October 2014. The previous IMF expertsí mission took place on 16-22 July 2014, with the goal to tackle the post-programme monitoring, as well as in the context of the periodical consultations that are mandatory twice a year, according to the standard requirements stipulated by the IMF Statute for the member states.