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Office of the IMF Resident Representative
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


IMF TA Mission Concludes Its Work on September 29

A mission team of the IMF’s Monetary and Financial Systems Department (MFD) headed by Mr. Peter Lõhmus, IMF Senior Economist, worked in Chisinau during September 18-29, 2006.

The main purpose of the mission was to assist the National Bank in enhancing the monetary policy operations, as well as to assess the progress made in establishing a regulator for non-bank financial sector.

This mission overlapped another one, led by Annamaria Kokeny, expert on exchange regime and regulations, who assisted National Bank in finalizing the draft Foreign Exchange Law.

After the approval of the IMF management in the nearest future, the Missions will share the report with relevant parties, including the findings and policy recommendations.


September 29, 2006