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International Conference ”MACRO 2013: A global view on Moldova’s economy”

18 June 2013, Summit Events & Conference Center

MACRO Annual International Conference was organized by the EXPERT-GRUP independent think tank in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, aiming at providing a platform for a comprehensive discussion of the Republic of Moldova country risks, including economic, political, security and social, and how these risks shape the Moldovan economic trajectory.

MACRO, which stands for “Moldova: Assessing Country Risks and Opportunities” offerred a high-level intellectual platform to dissect the factors influencing Moldova’s attractiveness as destination for international investments, new ideas and advanced technologies.  The Conference also assessed the country’s risks that need to be alleviated to make Moldova a better place for the capital and labour and to identify the opportunities to harness in order to foster Moldova’s economic development.

Discussions at MACRO 2013 were focused around 4 panels:

Panel 1: Key economic trends in 2012-2013 and short-term forecast;
Panel 2
: Competing internationally for attracting foreign investors;
Panel 3
: Education, skilled work, business and labour culture in Moldova;
Panel 4
: A meaningful policy addressing country risks and opportunities.

Preliminary results of the “State of the Country Report 2013” were presented at the Conference. Next to other subjects, the highlights of the report were the weak performance of Moldova’s economy compared with its potential level, the economic and social implications of population aging phenomenon and the compatibility of the European integration vector with the major development priorities of the country.

On the first discussion panel, Tokhir Mirzoev, IMF Resident Representative in Moldova, mentioned that the main short-term risks continue to be the fragile external environment and domestic political situation, while the main two challenges are maintaining the fiscal situation under control and reviewing the recent policies on agriculture taxation. Several of the speakers expressed their concern on the financial sector situation, while the resolution of bad loans, transparency of shareholders and propriety rights remain to be major priorities for short- and long-term.

On the second panel, Dr. Lucian Anghel, CEO of BCR Pensii and President of Bucharest Stock Exchange named MACRO 2013 as “the best economic profile conference in years.” Panelists mentioned that the potential of domestic growth is one of the main determinants of direct investments, therefore, Moldova will need to make larger efforts, including at the international level, in order to raise Moldova’s attractiveness.

On the third discussion panel, Maia Sandu, Minister of Education, mentioned that the weak performance of students in international tests, the discontent of the entrepreneurs in regards to the performance level of graduates and the low occupation level of graduates, represent the main factors that stayed at the basis of the education reform initiated by the Ministry of Education.

Key-messages on the fourth panel highlighted the importance of the dialogue with the opinion makers and with the international business community.

While addressing the Conference participants, HE Mr. Iurie Leanca, Prime-Minister of the Republic of Moldova has welcomed the development of a Roadmap by the Conference. Which includes recommendations for the Government for future actions, which will be monitored by Conference organizers until the next edition of the event, where actions realized in 2013-2013 will be presented. The organizers mention that the next edition of the MACRO international conference is planned for June 2014. 

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