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Press conference: Approval of IMF's Economic Program for Moldova

Chisinau, 2 February /MOLDPRES/ - Prime Minister Vlad Filat today participated in a news conference on the approval of an economic programme for Moldova by the International Monetary Fund's Executive Board, the government's press service has said.

Participating in the conference were the head of the IMF mission to Moldova, Nikolay Gueorguiev, IMF Resident Representative for Moldova Tokhir Mirzoev, Economics Minister Valeriu Lazar, Finance Minister Veaceslav Negruta and Governor of the National Bank of Moldova Dorin Dragutanu.


The prime minister stressed the importance of the IMF's support for Moldova. He emphasized that Moldova was practically in default when the present government took over power.

Vlad Filat said that it was possible to overcome this difficult situation including due to the agreement reached by Moldova and the IMF.

The premier said that the negotiations were not easy at all as they were based on parameters and principles. At the same time, the prime minister said that all the decisions reached during the talks were in Moldova's interest and took into account the country's development prospects.


"The memorandum's approval is a success of all of us," Vlad Filat said, stressing that this is a positive signal for Moldova's development partners and investors.

Nikolay Gueorguiev said that the economic programme for Moldova envisages support for the country's budget, as well as for the National Bank in the process of forming currency reserves.


The official said that there are premises for the stabilization of the economic situation in Moldova. He highlighted the importance of actions aimed at liberalizing and de-monopolizing the economic activity.

Nikolay Gueorguiev specified that Moldova's economic recovery is connected to the economic recovery of the countries with which Moldova has advanced economic relations.

The head of the IMF mission voiced hope that Moldova would cope with challenges.

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Sources: Government's Press Service (photo/video), and Moldpres (news item)