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Office of the IMF Resident Representative
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


IMF Mission Concludes Its Work on June 21

A mission team of the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) including Messrs. Robert Gillingham, Chief of Section, and Moataz El Said, Technical Assistance Advisor, visited Chisinau from June 12-21 to assess the impact of higher energy, especially gas, prices on the well-being of consumers. Particular emphasis is being placed on the effect on poorer households, and alternative measures to mitigate the impact on these households is being analyzed.

The mission met with the First Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, officials of the Ministry of Economy and Trade, ANRE, as well as the management of relevant enterprises such as Termocom, Moldova-Gaz, Apa Canal Chisinau, and representatives of civil society.

The mission will report its findings policy recommendations to the European Department of the Fund which will, in turn, share them with the authorities and other relevant parties.

June 21, 2006