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Office of the IMF Resident Representative
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


IMF Technical Assistance Mission on Tax Administration


An IMF mission team led by Mr. Allan Jensen, Revenue Administration Advisor at the IMFís Fiscal Affairs Department, worked in Chisinau during July 12-25.

The goal of the mission was to assist the Ministry of Finance in their efforts to design a comprehensive strategy for the reform of the Moldovan tax administration.

The mission met with the First Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, the management and staff of the State Tax Inspectorate, as well as private stakeholders, donors and technical assistance providers.

The mission was impressed by the determination of the authorities to undertake a comprehensive tax administration reform.

Based on the missionís advise and the 100-page draft report that the mission left with the authorities, the strategic reform plan will be adjusted to allow for the modernization of tax administration in accordance with best international practice. It is expected that the adjusted modernization plan will be a good foundation for the implementation of targeted donor-funded programs.

The mission encourages the government to secure funding of the reform and outside expertise to help with the implementation, as well as to share the information in the missionís final report with relevant donors.


July 25, 2006